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Wayne’s World Fireworks, LLC is an importer and distributor of wholesale fireworks. Our facility is located in Bowling Green, Indiana. We provide professional-grade 1.3G and 1.4G firework products and equipment. We believe fireworks are an efficient and effective way to entertain large groups of patrons or private family events. As an experienced and expanding company, we have the ability to meet your current and future needs at reasonable prices.


In addition to your favorites, this year we have many new and exciting products from a wide range of multi-shot boxes, candles, and shell manufactures like Beihai, Dancing, Flower King and Lidu to name a few. We also have a variety of new products instead of the usual "everyday show" products. Some of the brand new items to look for are the Two, Three and Five Minute Show in a Box cakes and several new special shell selections. We also have a few exclusive brands of consumer fireworks, Fathead Fireworks, Mean Monkey, and Fowl Fireworks.

Wayne's World Fireworks offers public and private firework displays for ALL occasions.

Including- Birthdays, Party’s, Graduations, and Family Gatherings!



Direct Importer and Distributor of

1.3G Display and 1.4G Consumer Fireworks

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